The challenge group plays a huge part of your success! A challenge group is a closed facebook group of people following the same (or different in some cases) fitness program along with a coach or coaches. The purpose of the group is to provide accountability and resources as well as general support and encouragement during the program. Its a tool for success!                                                                                                                                                        

Everyone in the group is looking for results. They're dedicated and there are multiple coaches to help you along the way, pick you up when you get discouraged, and continue to motivate you throughout the entire program. You'll be asked to post your progress daily and let's be honest, who wants to say "I didn't do my workout" or "I didn't eat well today"? 


Becoming a participant in a challenge group is your first critical step in this process! 



How Do I Get A Spot... 


You can create a FREE account with me at:




You will enter your personal information then when asked for your coach select "Coach ID" and enter my Coach ID# 427384 --- Regan Long should pop up! 

You Choose the Program...


What are your goals? What kind of results do you want? Based upon these, I can help you decide which program will best fit you! 


You choose the challenge pack.


You give me 110%. 


And I'll give you 200% in return. 

Mental Toughness... 


Whether you are in a 30 day or 60 day challenge group, I will not lie to you. It will be tough. You are giong to hit road blocks and barriers. You will become sore. You will be frustrated. You will hit times that you think it will be easier to give up. 


But let me tell you, I refuse to let you. Once you have decided to commit to me, once you have decided to commit your goals to yourself, WE...as a team, will get there. 


This process is more so mental toughness over the physical aspect.